Boost Your Business Series


A Six-Series Cohort for Businesses to access small business education and growth support for free.

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FREE, BUT spots are limited.

The Boost Your Business Series will offer small business education and growth support for businesses in Altavista and the surrounding areas. The series consist of 6 cohorts, each meeting weekly for 4 weeks. This series will start in Jan 2024.

Each cohort will offer a different subject - all meetings will be held Wednesdays from 11-1pm and will include lunch.

There is no cost to attend, but each cohort is limited to 12 participants. Applications are required and due by Jan 31st, 2024 to be considered for the next cohort application in Feb. 


Boost Your Business Series Cohort Schedule
Classes are held Wednesdays 11am-1pm. Lunch Provided.


Marketing & communication
Jan 10th- 31st

In a world saturated with constant ads, this cohort offers a beacon for those seeking to stand out. Dive into optimal approaches for audience connection, stay ahead with insights into current marketing and design trends, receive personalized recommendations for effective social media leverage, and participate in an engaging workshop at the Creative Lab in the Spark Innovation Center. Elevate your strategy, cut through the noise, and discover the keys to making a lasting impact in the dynamic landscape of today's marketing challenges.


RestAurant, retail, & hospitality
Feb 21st - mar 13th

Navigating the profound impacts of COVID-19 on the restaurant, retail, and hospitality sectors demands strategic resilience. Embark on a transformative journey by joining this cohort, where you'll acquire expert training tailored to elevate your business. Dive into enhancing customer service to create memorable experiences, optimize operations and compliance for streamlined efficiency, participate in innovative pricing workshops to stay competitive, and fortify your overall resilience to confront the uncertainties that may lie ahead. 


FInance for small business
april 10th - may 1st

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive exploration of financial best practices crafted exclusively for small businesses by enrolling in this cohort. Acquire practical skills as you delve into the intricacies of budgeting and forecasting, empowering you to make informed financial decisions. Uncover valuable insights into community programs that provide crucial financial support, ensuring your business remains resilient. Additionally, navigate the strategic nuances of succession planning to fortify your long-term sustainability. 


securing large contracts may 15th - june 5th

Join our cohort for an in-depth exploration of contract negotiations and procurement policies tailored for large-scale vendors. Participate in a SWaM workshop to understand the advantages of certification and gain insights into the application process. Additionally, get acquainted with the E-VA Procurement platform through an informative introduction. To provide you with real-world perspectives, we've assembled a panel of experienced vendors ready to address all your questions. 


leadership development
june 26th - july 17th

Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with this cohort designed to equip small business owners with essential leadership skills. Throughout the cohort, you will delve into the art of staff development, gaining practical insights on nurturing and enhancing your team's capabilities. Learn the nuances of effective communication strategies, honing your ability to convey ideas clearly and inspire collective action. Explore the intricacies of visionary leadership, discovering how to articulate and guide your team towards a shared purpose and overarching goals.


Human resources
Aug 7th - 28th

Unlock the secrets to building a stellar team with our enticing cohort focused on talent acquisition and retention, tailored for the unique challenges faced by smaller businesses. Dive into the art of attracting and interviewing top candidates, master the intricacies of seamless orientation and onboarding processes, and discover the keys to retaining exceptional talent. Elevate your business with insights into HR-compliant policies that ensure a harmonious workplace. Join us on this journey to not only streamline your hiring practices but to cultivate a workplace that keeps top talent thriving and your business on the path to success.

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